Digital Marketing Specialist for Digital Health

Job description

Organising digital marketing for a digital health company, is this something for you? When you join us you will:

  • Collaborate to building the digital strategic & tactical marketing plan of moveUP in the different target countries
  • Keep our website professional & up to date, and create traction from our target segments
  • Connect with our users to share their stories on the right platforms
  • Launch campaigns & posts, and spread our messaging on social media to our different audiences, both B2B & B2C
  • Collaborate on organising virtual & physical events, webinars, customer meetings
  • To support our marketing & sales team, you design or finetune marketing material such as infographics and slide decks 
  • You support the development team for customising applications
  • Measure the success of the different initiatives.
  • Share your thoughts how we can continuously build better solutions for out customers

Job requirements

  • Passion for digital marketing and improving healthcare
  • Up to date with digital marketing strategies tools and trends
  • First experience as a marketer is an asset
  • Hands-on attitude & high level of accountability
  • Team player and high level of flexibility
  • you are fully dedicated and have an internal drive to succeed
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Being fluid in English AND Dutch or French

You probably want to be considered seriously, so please, if you want to become part of the journey of a promising & growing digital health company, also treat this application in the same way. Share your motivation why you want to do this, and why you believe you will succeed. See us as your first customer.  We are very looking forward to exploring together if you would be a good fit, and if you would enjoy working at moveUP.